Be Wild, Be You

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Be Wild, Be You

It’s this time of the season I start looking back at all my beach photos and longing for the sun and the sand. I remember twirling around until the sun set, sometimes teasing the water with barely a toe dipped, other times spending most the day mermaiding about in the waves. But the best part was the freedom that comes with being away from it all. There are no cars, no electronics, no buildings…. sometime no people. Just ocean meeting land. It’s an ongoing dance that slowly changes the coast throughout the ages. There’s something magical knowing that the waves will always be there. The same every time, and yet different. Things from another place wash up to be revealed, half submerged in sand and tiny pebbles. Seas glass, sea shells, driftwood… I once even found a pair of Oakley glasses that I have to this day. I want to collect everything I find at the beach and take it with me as a memento.

The sunset is different every time. It’s like a different experience every day spent at the beach. And you can tell by my photo shoots that no two are the same. Colours create moods, weather creates vibes, people add their auras to the surroundings. One day can be vibrant, alive, and windy. Clear skies fading to a fiery begonia red. Another can be so serene, with barely a breeze in the evening. Only the sound of waves under dusky purple clouds.

The beach is the easiest place for me to slip into nature and lose sense of time and place, to be one with the earth, becoming grounded and soaking in the vitamins and minerals. I love to think back and recall these feelings of pure freedom and a little bit of wildness. It’s when I feel the most myself.

Beatrice Lipson

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