A Guide To Industrial-Themed Interior Design

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A Guide To Industrial-Themed Interior Design

Industrial design is famous today especially in the field of interior design due more than anything to its flexibility and its ability to adapt. Industrial items, such as metal chairs, can be placed not only inside modern interiors, but also inside retro interiors and vintage interiors. This article discusses the phenomenon that industrial design is, with a slight emphasis on the industrial chair, and where exactly this style is heading in the future.

What is Industrial Interior Design?

Industrial design happens to be a design process applied to products which are manufactured through mass production techniques. Its key feature is that design is separated from manufacturing: the creative act of defining and describing the shape and characteristics of a product takes place before the physical performance of making a product, which contains morally of repeated, frequently automated repetitions. This distinguishes industrial design from artisan design, where the shape of the product is determined by the creator of the product at the time of its creation.

Where Does Industrial Design Originate from?

Industrial chairs have been very popular since the 1920s. Steel pipes were really important in this period, and they also made the furniture for these pipes. During WWII production stopped for a time because they needed the factory to produce weapons. But shortly after WWII they started production again. Today there is still a great demand for industrial chairs. It is also very modern to mix and match different styles to create your unique interior.

The Origin of the Industrial Chair

There are many different designs with respect to the industrial design chair. There are four and five leg chairs, stools, bar stools etc. You could say that there are many similarities between these industrial chairs. Most of them are made of metal, but they often have a wooden seat or something that makes them stand out. But soon the bar bosses started complaining that they couldn’t stack the chairs, so they had to change something in their production process to fix this. They adapted the design of the industrial chair so that it was possible to stack them.

Industrial Design Chairs in the Home

Maybe you’ve seen industrial design chairs already, in bars and in modern interiors. It is very easy, because to integrate them into your home, as they adapt to any style of interior, be it your industrial design, Scandinavian design or shabby chic design. You can just add them for a special touch in your home. Industrial design can also contain outside. If you have a terrace or patio, you can incorporate chairs or industrial accessories.

Industrial Design: Restaurants and Bars

Some years ago, the most important thing about going to a restaurant or a bar was the quality of the food and the drinks. Today, this is still the case, of course, but also look for a comfortable place in an atmosphere that is aesthetically pleasing. The atmosphere that restaurants and bars have to create is of great importance, and this will continue to be the case in the future. In the future, industrial design will be as important as it is today, and this is a trend that is not slowing down.

Mixing Styles

The best feature regarding chairs in industrial design is their flexibility. Each chair does not have to be the same, but it can be mixed and matched as you wish. The best factor is that you don’t have to make difficult decisions between different designs. It is important to know that metal is easy to combine with other materials. With industrial chairs you can create a special and cosy atmosphere in your own home (or terrace).

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