7 Signs You Need Orthodontic Care

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7 Signs You Need Orthodontic Care

Are you in need of orthodontic care?

These advanced dental services can make all the difference when it comes to your smile. But it can be hard to know when to go!

Sound familiar?

If so, this is your article! Please keep reading for seven clear signs that it’s time to book an appointment with your orthodontist.

  1. Overbite

Does your bite feel excessively deep? Do your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth too much when you bite down? This is called an overbite, and it requires orthodontic care for correction.

  1. Underbite

The opposite of an overbite, an underbite will also require professional orthodontic correction. If you have this issue, your upper teeth will fit just inside or behind your lower teeth when you bite down. This can eventually cause the lower jaw to protrude.

  1. Open Bite

This condition describes a bite that doesn’t close completely in the front or back. When your back teeth are closed, are you able to bring the upper and lower front teeth together? If not, it’s time for a trip to the orthodontist!

  1. Gaps or Crowding

Too much or too little space between your teeth can lead to gapping and crowding – or even both.

Gaps can occur when teeth begin to move away from each other, leaving large spaces. This is especially common in the front teeth. Crowding is more common in the back of the mouth and molars, where new teeth coming in can push your existing pearly whites too close together.

  1. Midline

The line in between your two front teeth should match up precisely on the top and bottom.

Known as a midline, this point of reference is used by orthodontists to establish whether or not you have a proper bite. It also helps to determine if the issues you face are with your teeth, or the jaw itself.

  1. Crossbite

A similar but more severe condition, known as a crossbite, occurs when your back teeth don’t line up properly while your front ones do. This can allow the upper back teeth to fit down inside of the lower back teeth.

  1. Flaring

Do you have teeth that protrude, flare, or stick out further than the rest of your smile? If so, you’ll absolutely want to schedule an orthodontic appointment. Their services can help bring those pearly whites back into their proper position. Click here to check it out!

Orthodontic Care Made Easy

Now that you know a few of the signs that it’s time for orthodontic care, you’re probably eager to take action. That’s great news! Reading this blog post might have been your first step towards a brighter, whiter, and more confident smile!

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