6 Things to Know Prior to Doing a Permanent Makeup Procedure in Toronto

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6 Things to Know Prior to Doing a Permanent Makeup Procedure in Toronto

Everyone in Toronto wants a product for their face, eyes, and lips that will stay for long. In this respect, only one procedure can’t guarantee this and it’s called permanent makeup. So, what exactly is permanent makeup and what should you know about it? Permanent makeup, also known as Micropigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing, is a skin procedure that involves putting pigments on the skin, around the eyes and the lips. In most cases, it’s done to conceal scars and burns. Basically, it’s a friendly cosmetic procedure that’s meant to give you a long-term beauty solution. But before you can have permanent makeup in Toronto, it’s important to know a few aspects about the procedure:

  1. It’s Meant to Last

The procedure is called permanent makeup for a reason. It’s meant to hide the imperfections around your face and eyes for a long time. However, the lasting time varies from one individual to another. For example, long exposure to the sun may lower its lifespan. However, the makeup ordinarily stays for 2-5 years before a retouch is needed.

  1. You Need a Few Retouches

It doesn’t mean that the results are certain after a single procedure.You may need to revisit the clinic on several occasions to have your permanent makeup retouched. The color is bound to fade after a few days or weeks and it’s important to have ink added if you are planning to enjoy the makeup for long.

  1. Anyone Can Try It

Unlike most cosmetic procedures, permanent makeup has no ideal candidate. Simple, anyone fit who wants its benefits can have the procedure. Whether it’s a man or woman, young or old, they are all good candidates for the procedure. The only exemptions are pregnant moms, those breastfeeding, and patients on chemotherapy.

  1. There are a Few Risks

Permanent makeup can lead to the introduction of infections. This can be through the ink or the needle. This is according to the Art of Dermatology. Additionally, the makeup can lead to an allergic reaction, more so in people with sensitive skins. You may suffer reactions like itchiness, skin soreness, and inflammation. Therefore, it’s important to talk to the technician about possible skin reactions that you are likely to suffer from.

  1. May Hurt

Since it’s a tattooing procedure, you should expect some form of discomfort. Thus, it may hurt a little. However, your technician may choose to apply local anesthesia to the area being treated. This may minimize sensitivity and pain. In most cases, you may have to request for the anesthesia beforehand.

  1. A Good Technician Makes a Big Difference

Though there are risks involved, a majority can be avoided if you approach the right technician. Three key things come into effect when picking the right technician; safety, skill, and experience. Basically, a good technician should guarantee a safe procedure, should have the skill to carry it out, and should be experienced enough to overcome possible challenges.

Gong for permanent makeup in Toronto may be a great idea if you are looking to camouflage facial irregularities and imperfections. However, it’s important to know what to expect from it. The above points are the most important but you should still talk to the tattooing technicians about other possibilities.  


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