6 Reasons Why You Can’t Overdose on CBD Oil

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6 Reasons Why You Can’t Overdose on CBD Oil

The staggering amount of opioid abuse in the United States has caused a sense of fear of any new and unknown substances. CBD oil, which is a relatively new product, has been a hot topic of discussion.

Cannabidiol also referred to as CBD, is a cannabis-derived substance that has been found to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain and other serious medical issues.

When people hear “cannabis”, they tend to think “marijuana” and get scared away. CBD, however, has a completely different place in society than this distant relative.

No harmful results of CBD have been found, other than mild symptoms you might get from any standard medications. This could be why users seem to swear by it.

Better yet, CBD does not run the risk of overdose that some highly potent over-the-counter drugs do. The following six reasons highlight exactly why CBD will not lead to overdose.

  1. It is a Natural Substance

CBD oil is derived from cannabis or hemp plants, making it a naturally found substance. According to Healthcare Weekly, a natural substance like CBD does not have any brain-altering features like many opioids do.

Marijuana and CBD oil are derived from different parts of the same plants, so they do not have the same effects on users. Marijuana contains the part of the plant that has THC, which causes a high feeling. CBD does not contain this compound.

If the CBD contains little or no THC, it will not cause any damage. Many CBD products do not contain any THC at all and still offer all the same benefits.

CBD will not cause any damage to the brain, which prevents it from leading to an overdose. It seems to be a safe method to alleviate many types of pain, while other painkillers can have severe consequences.

  1. It Doesn’t Cause a ‘High’

One of the reasons that CBD is the substance-of-choice for many people is that it alleviates the symptoms of so many aches and ailments without too many negative side effects.

The only documented side effects are short-term, like nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting. These side effects are also commonly associated with prescriptions, so they are likely to come alongside any method you choose to prevent discomfort.

Because it lacks THC, CBD does not result in a euphoric high like a form of marijuana can. It can make users feel a relief of their symptoms without feeling too good to the point where it becomes dangerous.

People tend to overdose when they become addicted to the euphoria they feel while they are under the influence. This will not happen with CBD oil due to the lack of a high feeling.

  1. It’s Used to Alleviate Pain without Causing Addiction

Thousands of people use CBD to help with their pain or discomforts that are caused by various diagnoses. Among the multitudes of users, there haven’t been any cases of CBD abuse or dependence.

This could be because many users with the ailments that CBD can help with are older. Arthritis is a common chronic pain that CBD can reduce. The older generations are more likely to use CBD as recommended rather than as a social act.

Further, some users don’t currently have any medical concerns yet use CBD because it can help with general well-being. It does not have the same reputation that drugs do, so users stick to moderation to feel good.

There are so many prescription drugs to ease the pain that users unknowingly get addicted to. CBD oil can reduce pain without the risks of addiction and the horrors of overdose.

  1. A Little Goes a Long Way

It doesn’t take much CBD oil to feel its benefits at work. According to CBD Kyro, it is suggested that new users start out by taking 25 mg of CBD oil twice a day.

Starting with a low CBD content is a great way to monitor how much it takes to affect you. You can easily control the increase in CBD if you don’t feel any effects at first.

Many users don’t have to take much at all to feel a change. With many other substances, overdose can only occur when too much is used. This can’t happen with CBD because it is not addictive and gets to work in your system quickly.

  1. It Does Not Have Any Physiological Effects

Many opioids have negative effects on the body, whether they have an impact on physical appearance or organ functioning. The various studies of CBD have proven that this substance does not do harm to the body or its organs.

CBD has been shown to cause no psychotic effects in users, nor does it lead users to show any signs of intoxication after ingestion. It is thus not altering the way the brain functions like many other drugs do.

Further, CBD has no impact on heart rate like THC-containing products tend to. This proves that it does not influence the way organs function, making it highly unlikely to cause an overdose.

Studies have noted that CBD has a placebo-like effect on users when it is compared to the effects of other drugs. It has many health benefits, yet none of the detriments that opioids have on the body.

  1. It Deters Addiction

For those addicted to substances like heroin and tobacco, CBD oil could help. It has been used to help recovering addicts overcome their addictions and fight off unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

According to Cool Things Chicago, CBD has the potential to reduce cravings, both for eating and for drug intake. It can also reduce feelings of anxiety that might cause users to seek out their addiction.

It is unlikely for a CBD user to become addicted to it and it can even help people overcome their dangerous addictions.

At the end of the day, using CBD oil can cause more good than anything else, especially for those living with various medical diagnoses. CBD is a great natural method to alleviate the discomfort that is caused by anything ranging from drug addiction to multiple sclerosis and even some forms of cancer.

One of the greatest benefits of using CBD is how there is no risk of overdosing from it. It is a safe alternative to prescription medications that often come with the risk of addiction and potential overdose.

If you think that CBD could make a positive change in your life, talk to your doctor about how you could get started using it today.

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