5 Tips to Help You Streamline Payroll Today

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5 Tips to Help You Streamline Payroll Today

Do you dread the upcoming payroll days, knowing you’ll be left scratching your head and frustrated? Payroll processes are an integral part of every company, but it is also complicated, time-consuming, and at risk of errors that could put your business in trouble with the law.

By streamlining the process you reduce risks of errors, save yourself a lot of time and ensure that you and your employees are happy. Check out these five tips to streamline payroll.

  1. Automate Workflows

Nowadays you can avoid almost all manual input or data entry and if you can, you should. It’s not only time-consuming but it opens up risks of errors. You can implement automated time tracking to easily build schedules and monitor attendance. Bonuses and missing payments can be initiated, approved, and tracked within a workflow system that is integrated with your payroll system.

Focus on the tasks that are the most time consuming and repetitive and work on automating those duties first. You’ll find this a great way to streamline payroll faster.

  1. Ditch the Paper

Using paper is another outdated payroll method that should be chucked out. Paper checks get lost, you can’t track them, it’s time-consuming and complicates the whole system. Pay employees using direct deposits to cut costs of paper checks, eliminate the risk of fraud, and of misplaced paychecks.

Electronic pay check stubs are easier, faster, and safer.

  1. Use One System

If you’re wondering how to streamline payroll efficiently, integrate your payroll, human resources, and benefits into one system. This way you can avoid complicated imports and exports and allows you to manage data smoothly.

If you have to manually input employee benefits, for instance, there’s room for human error. It’s also time consuming and unnecessary. You can utilize human capital management (HCM) solutionS to synchronize all your systems into one, unified, cloud-based system.

  1. Determine a Simple and Singular Policy

It’s possible you’ve got employees working in multiple locations, on hourly and monthly wages and temporary and permanent contracts. Oftentimes this means you’re paying employees at different times, and that’s before considering compensation and benefits.

So how to streamline payroll faster? Use a singular policy which means you pay all employees on the same day, at the same frequency. This reduces the risk of duplication and reduces processing times.

  1. Outsource Your Payroll

The simplest way to streamline payroll processes, save you precious time, and avoid any errors is to outsource your payroll processes. You can hire third-party professionals who have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to keep up with ever-changing tax regulations and ensure your payroll is done smoothly.

This is especially beneficial if you feel uncomfortable and out of your depth doing payroll. You can rest assured that employees are getting paid on time and that your business won’t be liable for any fraud allegations caused by human error.

Are You Ready to Streamline Payroll?

Don’t get stuck using outdated methods, wasting your precious time, and fighting to get on top of your payroll process. Use these five tips to streamline payroll and reap the benefits it will surely bring.

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