5 Most Expensive Places to Live in Manchester

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5 Most Expensive Places to Live in Manchester

Although Manchester may not have as many expensive places to live as London, it does have its fair share of areas where the average home price is well over £1 million. For those who have the income to purchase expensive homes in the Manchester area, what follows are five roads in the city that are home to the most expensive housing.

Rossmill Lane, Altrincham

Boasting an average price of £2.24 million, this street is far and away the most expensive to live on in all of Manchester. The reason is simple enough as many of the popular football stars for the Manchester team live along the road. That is why the houses are on average a half-million pounds more expensive than its closest competitor.

Carrwood, Altrincham

Seemingly far behind, although still quite expensive is Carrwood. With an average home price of £1.77 million, Carrwood is quite expensive. Apart from the luxury homes themselves, one reason why Carrwood is pricey is the number of people who want to live in the area. Nearby Trafford is quite the attractive location to live which has helped to drive up prices over the past decade.

Charcoal Road, Altrincham

A little lower on the price scale is Charcoal Road, which boasts an average price for homes at just over £1.5 million. The homes themselves, much like those found on Rossmill Lane and Carrwood, tend to be multi-story mansion-type dwellings with many desirable features and amenities. The beautiful location helps as well, making the more expensive homes in the region even more desirable for those who can afford it.

It should be noted that for the entire Altrincham area, the average home price is roughly £512,000. While significantly lower compared to the most expensive streets in the suburb, it is still significantly higher compared to the other areas of Manchester.


One of the most accessible of all communities in Manchester, Didsbury offers a wide range of attractions from good schools to a diverse community to plenty of shopping opportunities. The desire to live in Didsbury is quite strong, which is why the average home price sits at nearly £400,000. Arguably the main reason is the remarkable schools which have garnered a high rating that attracts families. Plus, it’s easy to access the rest of the city from Didsbury which helps with commuting.

Northern Quarter

Dropping significantly from the average price of homes found in Altrincham, the Northern Quarter still offers plenty of attractions for those looking at expensive home. While the average price for a home in the Northern Quarter is £210,000, the location, shops, restaurants, and bars make it a great place for individuals or couples to live.

There are other exceptional places to live in Manchester, but these are the five most expensive in the city. While prices do fluctuate which means that areas such as the Norther Quarter may be lower than other areas not mentioned in the article, what is true is that Altrincham will remain the most expensive of all communities within Manchester to live for quite some time.

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