5 Facts About Car Transport Services You Need to Know

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5 Facts About Car Transport Services You Need to Know

Whether you’re moving across the country or purchasing a car from another state, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about how auto transport works. So here are five facts about car transport services that you need to know. 

Car transport services have liability insurance

You may be wondering whether car shipping companies have liability insurance. You should be aware that many do not, and they may advertise. If you’re in doubt about the insurance coverage of your auto transporter, ask them for their Contingent Cargo policy. It is essential to find out if they have liability insurance before signing a contract. This policy will protect you in case your vehicle is damaged during transport.

In addition to liability insurance, a shipping company will purchase insurance to cover the value of your car. For example, imagine that your five-year-old Honda Accord is worth $15,000, and you decide to ship it using a car transport company. Unfortunately, their truck crashes on the side of the road and burns. The insurance company will pay $15,000 to replace your vehicle, so it’s worth asking about the extra coverage. This way, you can rest assured that your car is covered in case of an accident or theft.

Car transport services can track your vehicle in transit

If you choose to use car transport services, you can track your vehicle in transit using mobile devices, e-mails, phones, or online tracking systems. Mobile tracking systems use a mobile app available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. Some companies track your shipment frequently, while others send updates once every 24 hours. Depending on the company and tracking method, you may receive notifications via phone, e-mail, or text.

A reliable car transport service will be able to provide you with GPS tracking while your vehicle is in transit. If your car is shipped via enclosed transport, the driver may enable GPS tracking. You may be able to track your vehicle while it is in transit if your broker allows the feature for their drivers. The car shipping company should be able to give you an estimated delivery date. Whether you want to use GPS tracking or not, it is good to contact the auto transport company and find out whether this option is available.

Car transport services offer flexible pick up schedules

When you ship a car, flexibility is vital. There are plenty of factors that can delay the delivery of your vehicle, from weather to traffic jams. You need to be able to coordinate with your car transport service provider to get the best possible delivery time. It would help if you always had your schedule in hand to know exactly when to drop off or pick up your car. For this reason, car transport services are flexible in their pick up and delivery schedules.

Most car shipping services work within five to seven-day windows, but you can get more specific requirements. For example, a car transporter might pick up six cars on one coast and deliver six on the other. You can choose to ship your vehicle across the country or to a nearby terminal if you need more flexibility. However, companies that use terminals are likely to have longer transit times than they are warehouses. So choose an auto transport service that doesn’t use a terminal to reduce transit time.

Car transport services charge different rates depending on the distance

The amount of distance traveled by a vehicle when shipping it from one city to another is a major determining factor in the cost of shipping it. Long-distance car shipping costs $0.60 per mile, while a shorter trip will cost $1 per mile. The actual cost of shipping a car varies depending on the size, type of vehicle, time of year, and method of transportation. Some car transport services offer flat rates for all shipping options.

Compared to open-air transportation, enclosed car transport is more expensive. Open-air transport is often the cheapest option, but it’s also the most convenient. Long-distance and cross-country routes tend to cost more than regional and local routes. Moreover, door-to-door services will be more expensive than terminal-to-terminal drop-offs, although not all providers offer this service. If you’re ready or just looking for how much auto transport could cost you, please visit rcgauto.com.

Car transport services are affordable

Whether or not you need to ship your car for any reason is dependent on several factors. Timing is vital as shipping can be more expensive during certain times. You can save money by booking your vehicle long before you need to ship it. During the spring and fall, auto transport carriers are busiest. You’ll save even more if you can wait until early May or late August to ship your car. You can even choose to ship your vehicle using an open carrier, as this will cost less than shipping it enclosed.

Despite the price, you can still expect to receive excellent service. The best way to get a quality quote is to book early. There are several ways to get a quote, and it’s essential to book your vehicle early to lock in the best price. For instance, if you are shipping a car to a remote location, an open carrier may be the most economical option. Also, available carriers tend to have minor damage than enclosed carriers, making them the cheaper option. Another option is terminal-to-terminal delivery, which may be more convenient for you, but it can be more expensive.

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