4 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Attorney

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4 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Attorney

When purchasing a new home, hiring a real estate attorney is likely the last thing on your mind. Your real estate agent will help you navigate your contract, your lender will help you understand costs, and the home inspector will let you know if anything in the home needs to be repaired before closing. It might not seem like adding in another person will be beneficial.

However, hiring a real estate attorney can also help you get through closing smoothly. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider finding the best real estate attorney Ashburn VA has to offer.

Attorneys Understand Contracts

A real estate contract is a long, complex document filled with legal jargon. An attorney will know the contract’s contents backward and forward, which will make it easier to understand what you’re signing. In addition, an attorney can make sure any changes that need to be made to your contract are done clearly and promptly.

Attorneys Understand Your Legal Obligations

Your attorney will be able to help you decide whether backing out of a sale is the best option for you. Attorneys can spell out your financial penalties, if any, and help you avoid any additional fees you might incur if you change your mind about buying.

Attorneys Understand Inspections

home inspection can make or break a sale. For example, suppose your inspector finds termite damage, a broken HVAC system, or other hazardous conditions. In that case, you’ll be within your rights to back out of the sale. However, an attorney can help keep the deal moving forward by writing up contingencies for the seller.

A real estate attorney might seem like an unnecessary expense when you enter the home-buying process. However, many reasons beyond those listed here demonstrate how beneficial having an attorney on hand can be when purchasing a home. Take those reasons into consideration when deciding whether to hire an attorney of your own.

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