3 Types of Ways to Edit Videos for Beginners

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3 Types of Ways to Edit Videos for Beginners

If you are a beginner and don’t have much experience editing videos, trying to figure out where to start can be tricky. Odds are you may not recognize what all the features and tools in your editor can do, let alone which ones you should apply.

The good news is there are several types of ways to edit videos that are fairly universal, easy, and are the perfect place for beginners to start:

  • Trim out unwanted parts of the video

The trim feature should be present in any video editor, though it may be implemented in different ways. In some editors you will need to move a marker and split the video to isolate a segment, and subsequently delete it. On the other hand in other editors you may be able to just adjust the boundaries of the clip you want to keep and remove everything outside it.

In any case this type of way to edit videos shouldn’t be that difficult, and is really useful to boot. With it you can get rid of unwanted parts, extract highlights, or even start using different types of cuts when you join videos together.

  • Use automated color correction or white balance tools

Often the colors in the videos that you record may be a little bit off, which is why color correction is useful. Most video editors have automated color correction or white balance tools, which means that you can perform this type of edit with just a single click.

Manually adjusting the color parameters is a bit more complicated, but you should try it out at some point or other. If you do you’ll start to learn how they affect your video, and will be able to fine tune the colors more reliably.

  • Apply filters to stylize the video

Filters are an easy way to stylize your video, and they come in many different shapes and sizes nowadays. The aim of using filters should be as an easy way to give your video a unique visual appearance.

Keep in mind that the exact filters that you can use will depend on your video editor. Sometimes it may help to use other visual effects with them as well, and for example in Movavi Video Editor you can learn how to speed up videos to control their pace.

By now you should have a good idea of the types of ways that you can start editing your videos – so why not give it a try? It is important that you put it to practice, so that you’re able to become more familiar with the editor that you’re using and get some experience under your belt.

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