Your Guide to a Laidback Day in Kodaikanal

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Your Guide to a Laidback Day in Kodaikanal

Come winter, and we all have one thing on our minds: travel. Winter season calls for a mood of respite of unwinding after a whole year of slogging along to office schedules and meetings with deadlines. So this year you and your family decided to leave all that behind and take a trip down to Kodaikanal and just relax. So, how do you skip all the hyperactivity that comes with any travel opportunity and simply have a laid-back, preferably slow stay in Kodaikanal? We’ll provide a step-by-step guide:

  1. Skip the tour:

With any trip to a new place comes the mindset that there is a lot to see which one has to; or else a great opportunity will be missed. While it’s great to have to visit tourist spots, if you’re more inclined to simply unwind and relax, it would be a wiser choice to not strain yourself by visiting too many tourist attractions at once. In fact, you can altogether skip the tour if you don’t feel up to it. A tour should not be forced onto you after all.

  1. Take a stroll:

Just because you’re here to relax does not mean you have to lock yourself in your hotel room and avoid contact of any kind with the outside world. In fact, in Kodaikanal, this would be a wasted opportunity, with its abundant wealth of natural beauty and quaint trails that lead to picturesque locations. You don’t have to pick one where no one goes. In Kodaikanal, there are many hiking and trekking trails that you can access for a minimal fee. So, even if you’re not a nature enthusiast, we would recommend you to take a walk among the soothing green of trees, hills and valleys.

  1. Kodai Lake:

This beautiful, star-shaped Kodai Lake is located at the very heart of Kodaikanal. It is completely serene in the wee hours of the morning and during dusk when mist and fog arrive to claim it for their own. During these times it can be a tad chilly, but it is also perfectly still and quiet forming an illusion of privacy. If you don’t like crowds, then these are the best times to plug in some headphones and sit by the lake to enjoy some alone time with yourself. Bonus: you can even take boat-rides on the lake, the rates of which are, of course, variable according to the duration of the ride and the number of people.

  1. Have a Cuppa:

Kodaikanal has many quaint cafes and restaurants tucked away in its corners despite being a small-sized town. While you’re there, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and watch daily life pass you by while you relax. Have conversations with random strangers, ask for recommendations from other locals, try out different places on the same day and come back to your favourite the next afternoon for lunch. It’s all about taking it slow and steady.

  1. Stop and smell the roses:

You came to Kodaikanal with one clear agenda in mind: that is to get away from the hectic lifestyle that you usually adopt and actively participate in. So, take it slow and enjoy yourself. Like a particular spot? Linger there for as long as you want, there’s no rush. Conversely, don’t think that just because you’re there that you have to like it; if you don’t just leave. If you feel like retiring for the day, do that. After all, how many days do you get to call in an early night anyway?

Relaxation comes to you in its own way, you cannot force it. If you want to go to Kodaikanal simply for this purpose, there’s no problem at all. There are several best hotels in Kodaikanal that come at modest prices. The best hotels in Kodaikanal there come at rates you would not believe. So your wallet is not something you have to worry about. Just get yourself down to Kodaikanal and enjoy utter relaxation.

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